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Pastor Barbara

Easter! A time of growth!

Pastor Barbara

Easter! A time of growth!

Easter! A time to enjoy God’s creation as trees blossom and flowers bloom!

Easter! A time to look at the person God is bringing to blossom within us!

So often, in our lives, we focus on our past failures, our past mistakes – our past selves. It’s pretty human, and, sometimes, leads us to consider new behaviors. The problem arises when we decide to move from simply considering new behaviors to actually living into new behaviors! It’s easy to get discouraged, to lose faith in ourselves, and to fall back into the same old ruts. Sometimes we are so focused on pummeling ourselves that we forget just who we are.

That’s when we need to remember that we are Easter people. (Did you notice that I left off the exclamation point?) So, Pastor, what are you getting at? Well, Easter people’s lives are not easy lives to live. Let me give you a tiny example of what I mean. Right now, there is so much turmoil, pain, and suffering in the world that I want to turn off the news, close my eyes, and listen to my favorite utopian fantasy books on Audible. Escaping into fantasy literature is an old rut of mine, and very deep.

A long time ago, a friend, one of those amazing friends that God gives you in your lives, questioned my rut. She challenged me to consider the fact that Christ had called me to be something more that an escapee from my own life. Through the Holy Spirit’s intervention in her life and mine, and many other loving folks, I was able to begin to face my life. It wasn’t easy, and I had ups and downs in my commitment to live as an Easter person. It wasn’t easy, but in time my life got better. It wasn’t easy, not sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, for sure, but God helped me find a true sense of purpose, a new way of loving, and a different direction to climb out of that rut. Did I say it wasn’t easy?

Today, when I start to slip into that rut and focus on past failures, past mistakes and my past self, I try not to slip back. Today, because I’ve walked with the Holy Spirit a long time, it’s easier than it used to be (except when it’s harder!). When I consider new behaviors, I know I need to look up from that rut, stop the pummeling, and listen to the Holy Spirit’s call, to Easter’s call, to the call of love.

Easter! A time to look at the person God is bringing to blossom within us and allow that person to bloom!

Happy Easter! (It’s still Easter until May 20th!)

In Christ,
Pastor Barbara



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