Pastor Barbara Caine

Pastor’s Message

Pastor Barbara Caine

It’s June and graduations abound! It’s a time to both look forward and look back. Nick M-S is graduating from college and Katie and Ellie L and Amanda K are graduating from high school this year. It seems impossible that those three little kids I met when

I came here 13 years ago are now a grown man and three young women who are stepping out into a whole new world, prepared for their next steps. Their parents are proud of their hard work and persistence in attaining their goals. They are ready to change the world in their own way.

Jesus came as a baby, became a little kid, prepared to leave home and set out on a three-year ministry that changed the world. We, as the church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, are called to do the same. We have gifts from those who came before us, gifts of property and buildings, and gifts of faith, handed down for generation upon generation. Just as Nick, Katie, Ellie, and Amanda are entering a new life challenge, we, as a church, are entering a new life challenge and supported by the gifts we’ve been given as we are continually empowered by the Holy Spirit.

As we move into a new phase as a church, let’s look forward and look back. Let’s look back to consider what worked and what didn’t. Let’s look forward to build on our strengths and plan for a ministry that will move hearts in this new era. This is an era that needs God’s love and grace as much as any. Let’s look forward to how we can share that grace and love in concrete ways and change the world!

In Christ,
Pastor Barbara