Amazon SMILES for HRLC!

Do you order from Amazon for Christmas Gifts? If you do, you can make a gift to Holy Redeemer AS you get gifts for your family and friends!  
Just go to And search for Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church And click select on SELECT.
It is that easy!
Thanks for supporting us!

E-script Benefits HRLC

Your Christmas Gifts Can Help HRLC!

E-script Benefits HRLC


Holy Redeemer can still receive Scrip commissions on your spending with a wide variety of merchants even though we do not sell the scrip gift cards anymore.

Check out the website: 

The website is very helpful in showing you how to create an account for yourself AND how to designate Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church as the recipient of the scrip percentages that merchants contribute.

It does not cost you anything. It is very easy to do. Create an account, and then:

  1. When you decide you are going to buy something online, start off by going to Search for the merchant you want to buy from. If the company participates in Escrip, you will click on the merchant’s name, and be taken directly to the Merchant’s own website. Then you will shop and put in your order in the usual way. (You can still use coupons and discount codes that you may have for that company.) There are more ways to do it explained on the website.
  2. A small percentage of your purchase will end up being paid to the church.

Give it a try! Remember to use it. Every little bit helps the ministry.

Growing In Faith Together

Growing In Faith Together

Growing In Faith Together

What a gift this church is! That’s why our theme for Stewardship is so great this year! Growing In Faith Together is our theme for Stewardship this year. It spells GIFT!

We are experiencing so many gifts this year. Let’s see, we have the gift of our new members; the gift of new energy; the gift of six Confirmands; the gift of sharing Confirmation with Good Shepherd South Asian Ministry; the gift of many visitors; the gift and vision of our Four-Church Effort; the gift of a Stewardship Team with Linda M and Linda H; the gift of a dedicated Council and a marvelous staff! And the list goes on and on.
As we move forward into the four weeks of focus on Growing In Faith Together, I look forward to sharing faith stories with and from all of you. In the meantime, think about what God is calling you to share this year of your time, your talent, and your treasure. Every ounce of effort is needed to continue to grow the church, to grow God’s ministry and to Grow In Faith 
Together. Amen!  Alleluia!
                     In Christ,
                     Pastor Barbara